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Nov 1, 2013 9:00pm EDT
of my death was an exaggeration. the modern terrible inheriter is this guy. the head of the taliban in pakistan. the first time he was reported to be dead was on the day the pakistani taliban announced he was the new leader. it was an amazing headline that day. they've named their new leader but we're pretty sure he's dead. so that was summer of 2009. turns out he was not dead. he was their new leader. then in the fall of that year, again, counterterrorism officials insist he's dead, dead in a drone strike. he was not dead then either. so in the summer of '09, they said he was dead and he wasn't dead. later in 2009 they said he was dead and he wasn't dead. in 2010, in january 2010, again, officials say he's dead, we killed him. but he wasn't dead then either. then a second time later that same month, january 2010, pakistan announces that he's dead again. but, again, he is not dead, he's definitely not dead. then january of last year, one more time, he's dead, they announced he was dead last january. but, again, for the fifth time reports of his death were an exaggeration. and all al
Nov 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
right, miguel. thank you. >>> to pakistan now, a country on high alert as the taliban vows revenge and mobilizes to nominate a new leader. this after a u.s. drone attack took out their leader there on friday. he was responsible for the deaths of thousands in pakistan and has been linked to one of the deadliest attacks on the cia. let's get to nbc for the latest. who was this man and how are pakistanis reacting to news of the drone attack? >> there's been widespread anger among pakistanis, not just on the streets but also from political leaders. the prime minister's office said it would be reviewing its relationship with the united states. they're angry because the government had been trying to enter into peace talks with the taliban. he was one of america's most wanted, feared for his ruthless and daring attacks. he was the leader of the pakistani taliban. the group's attacks killed thousands of pakistanis but he also targeted americans, believed to have been behind the failed car bombing in times square in 2010. and he was linked to one of the deadliest attacks against the cia. he
Nov 2, 2013 2:00pm EDT
to criticisms of yesterday's drone strike that killed a taliban leader in that country. officials say the u.s. is sabotaging peace talks with the taliban. >>> president obama likes to keep certain parts of his life private. his family, his friends and his faith, until now. we're learning about one of his private practices. how the president has worked with a pastor to seek daily inspiration. the president touched on this earlier in the year. take a listen. >> every morning, he sends me via e-mail a daily meditation, snippet of scripture for me to reflect on. and it has meant the world to me. >> before he checks his blackberry and dives into the day, the first thing the president does, we hear, is read the meditation sent to him from the man dubbed the white house's pastor in chief. josh joshua dubois joins us right now. very good to see you here today. what was the last devotional you sent him and why did you send that to him? >> one of the ones i've sent recently was about joe louis, the boxer, who always bounced back even when he was knocked down. he wouldn't stay down for a count. it was
Nov 2, 2013 12:00pm EDT
the leader of pakistan's taliban insurgency. hakimullah mehsud is known for carrying out ruthless attacks. pakistan's government says it has summoned the u.s. ambassador to protest the strike. meantime a 13-year-old pakistani boy and his sister are protesting all drones strikes in the region and testified in washington this week about the price they paid last year on the hill in a separate interview here on msnbc, they said they were injured badly. their grandmother killed in a drone attack and they say they fear blue skies now because that is when the drones come out. >> translator: i used to go outside and play but now i don't go outside and play because i'm scared. >> joining me now, ronnian cal lick covering the story. ronnia with a welcome for anyone who did not see the complete testimony from the children and their father, how compelling was their story? how was it received on the hill? >> well, they traveled 7,000 miles to come and tell congress about the drone strike that killed their grandmother and only five members of congress attended. so but the five members of congress who d
Oct 28, 2013 4:00pm EDT
of the presence of so many terror groups oh? >> translator: i've heard of taliban. i've heard of it associated with afghanistan. i've heard massoud, but i'm just a teacher. i'm not a politician. >> from 2004, president sharif was cooperating with the americans. we know that sharif was cooperating with these drone strikes. if there is an objection to what's been happening, shouldn't your objections be addressed to your own government, who appear to have cooped with this administration? >> translator: i spoke to my local agent, my local political officer, and i filed a complaint about this. and they sent me a letter that said yes, what has happened to you is very sad. and it was probably done by mistake. but we are not the ones that you should be speaking to. you should be speaking to the americans. >> do you accept, robert, that the administration itself is now reducing the number of drone strikes. the president has already said that he wishes to transfer management of this program from the cia to the military. are you satisfied that these steps are at least moving in the right direction in ter
Nov 1, 2013 1:00pm EDT
to convey. >> on a separate topic, intelligence officials say the leader of the pakistani taliban was killed on friday. can you confirmed he was killed? >> i don't speak of operational matters but -- >> there's an eyewitness on knbc, let's listen in. >> we're looking at the live picture on right screen right now. people being evacuated as we speak. tony ginn nar, what's going on. >> reporter: what you're seeing are the number of people, most of them passengers and most of them airport employees being evacuated. some were in terminal one, some in terminal two. all have been told to leave. i've talked to several of them and asked what have you been told? we don't really know where we're going. we're walking with the flow. they are going to take us somewhere. i stopped and asked one lax airport officer where are you taking folks? was told what they are going to do have them go to the end of the terminal, past terminal one, keep them well away from the investigation and from all of or questions, but there are people everywhere -- >> pete williams in our newsroom has more information. >> well, an
Nov 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
a taliban chief mehsud. that's created with i won't say great celebration but a positive. american public hears about high-priority targets eliminated but rarely the civilian casualties, the way the drone strikes undermined american credibility overseas. >> the unanswered question about scope actually goes to the case the white house makes about this. when you say this is a smarter way of waging war, you can compare it to policy under bush administration september 11th attacks where we engaged in two full scale ground wars in iraq and afghanistan putting 100,000 american troops on the ground and probably leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths in iraq due to ensuing chaos and civil war. this is a strategy that has a much smaller footprint that i have to assume involves fewer civilian deaths. >> boots on the ground. >> we're not in the hundreds of thousands like iraq. that's true. >> so the question is if military interventions of this sort really are necessary, i think that's an open question, isn't this a smarter and less -- >> that's a very big question, whether or not military inter
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)